24 Brilliant Mohawk Updo Hairstyles for Black Women

Mohawk hairstyles are one of the top used hairstyles by the African American people in their day-to-day life. These hairstyles are a little bit crazy and wild than the regular and conventional hairstyles. I the beginning, these hairstyles were shaved sides and hairy center of the head. But in the modern sense of styling, this hairstyle can be made with lovely braids with the same designing effect. In this article, we will drive you to 24 braided Mohawk updo hairstyles which are trending this year. So, let’s get started.

  1. Crochet Braids with Mohawk Updo

Mohawk hairstyles are flexible enough to let you design them with any kind of braiding design available for African American women. First of all, we will like to introduce the crochet braids for the Mohawk hairstyles. Look at the hairstyle below and feel the effect of it.

Crochet Braids

  1. Mohawk with Braids and Curls

This is an example of braiding Mohawk and chunky curls. The sides of the head are decorated with tiny braids and the top of the head is covered with lovely short curls. This is amazing and cool.

Mohawk with Braids and Curls

  1. Red Highlights with Mohawk Braids

This braiding hairstyle is one of the most popular and recommended hairstyles for stylist and beauty-conscious women of African American ethnicity. The Mohawk decorations and the thick reddish braids will make you look like a heavenly angel.

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Red Highlights with Mohawk Braids

  1. Mohawk Inspired Braided Ponytail

This hairstyle is a combination of Mohawk, updo, braids, curls, and ponytail. All these elements have made this hairstyle super cool and charming. You can use this hairstyle at any place and season.

Mohawk Inpired Braided Ponytail

  1. Dreadlocks Braids with Undercut

Mohawk and dreadlocks are just two sides of the same coin. Dreadlocks fit best for the Mohawk hairstyle. Now, look at the hairstyle in the picture. The shaved sides, the accessories on the head, and the wild braids have made this impossible to implement.

Dreadlocks Braids with Undercut

  1. Box Braided Bun with Mohawk Undercut

Box braids can be a great option for the Mohawk and braided updo lovers. With a braiding hairstyle, you can design a beautiful and enchanting Mohawk hairstyle just like the picture. Why don’t you try this too for your next hairdo?

6. Box Braidfed Bun with Mohawk Undercut

  1. Braided Topknot and Ponytail with Box Braids

This is a two in one hairstyle for women. You can use the knots hairstyle or the ponytail with the lovely thick braids with enchanting Mohawk cut. You will look super sexy and attractive with this fashionable hairstyle.

7. Braided Topknot and Ponytail with Box Braids

  1. Reddish Highlights with Mohawk

Here is another red-colored highlighted hairstyle for African American women. This hairstyle is made up of beautiful tiny braids by the sides of the head and the braids are directed upward to make a crown-like shape on the top of the head.

Reddish highlights with Mohawk

  1. Mohawk and Curls

Mohawk and curls are not any common hairstyles among beauty lovers. This is unique and sexy. Here the tiny braids are directed upward as per the rules of the Mohawk hairstyle and the leftover of the hair is prepared as beautiful curls by the backside of the head.

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Mohawk and Curls

  1. Cornrows with Mohawk Undercut

Whichever hairstyle you use, you cannot ignore the super flexible cornrows hairstyle. This classic hairstyle can be beautifully adjusted with the Mohawk concept. And the effect of this mixture cannot be described in words.

COrnrows with Mohawk Uncercut

  1. Blonde Curls with Braided Mohawk

In this stage, we are talking about the blonde twist-out curls with Mohawk hairstyle. Here the sides are braided with tiny blonde braids and the center of the head is decorated with blonde curly twist which splendid in look and crazy to view.

Blonde Curls with Braided Mohawk

  1. Coils for Braided Mohawk

Now let’s try some coils with Mohawk. Mohawk can be decorated with enormous elements and styles like these coils.  These coils are positioned on the front of the head and the backside is left conventionally.

Coils for Braided Mohawk

  1. Twisted Updo with Braided Mohawk

Now meet one of the best Mohawk hairstyles of the black hairstyle industry. Here the thick highlighted braids are directed to the front of the head and the Mohawk decorations are left as usual. How beautiful this hairstyle is!

13. Twisted Updo with Braided Mohawk

  1. Mohawk and Dreadlocks

This Mohawk hairstyle makes a beautiful bun on the top of the head with the wild braids. The sides are as usual faded and the braids are pulled up to make this beautiful bun.

Mohawk and Dreadlocks

  1. Lovely Undercut

Here is another example of Mohawk inspired braiding updo hairstyle. Here the dreadlocks braids are positioned on the center of the head and the sides are completely shaved like the original Mohawk concept.

Lovely Undercut

  1. Mohawk, the Inspiration

Mohawk inspirations braiding hairstyles look like the picture. This hairstyle will make you the queen in the beehive and make you the center of attraction in any occasion or party.

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Mohawk, the Inspiration

  1. Yarn Braids and Mohawk

We cannot ignore the yarn braids too for designing a beautiful Mohawk hairstyle. The yarn braids can also be beautifully positioned on the Mohawk inspired hairstyle just like the hairstyle in the picture.

Yarn Braids and Mohawk

  1. Twisted Braids with Undercut

This hairstyle is almost the same as the number 6 hairstyle of this article. The difference is the type of braids used here. Previously we have shown this hairstyle with box braids and it’s time to make the similar one with the twisted braids with the same effect and decoration.

Twisted Braids with Undercut

  1. Short Ponytail with Braided Mohawk

With the previous hairstyle, you can make a Mohawk braided hairstyle with a short ponytail like this one. You do not need any extra effort to make this one from the previous one.

19. SHort Ponytail with Braided Mhawk

  1. Afro for Braided Mohawk

It’s time for the classic afro. But here, the afro hairstyle is framed with the Mohawk concept. The sides are designed with tiny braids according to the Mohawk formula and the center is decorated with the classic afro style.

AFro for Braided Mohawk

  1. Lovely Top Bun

Almost 92% of African American black women love to be decorated with beautiful bun. For them, this bun hairstyle with Mohawk braids is presented and invented. You can try this bun for any wedding ceremony or social gatherings.

Lovely Top Bun

  1. The Deadly Dreadlocks

Yes, this is deadly dreadlocks. This hairstyle can make you so deadly that your surrounding will fall in love instantly with it for its super cool, effect and gorgeous decorations. Many of the black celebrities are nowadays are using this awesome hairstyle.

The Deadly Dreadlocks

  1. Highlighted Braids for Mohawk

Mohawk with braids and highlights is the main theme of this hairstyle. Here simple braids are placed on the center of the head and some of them are colored blonde to attract you.

Highlighted Braids for Mohawk

  1. Splendid Curls

We have reached the last stage of this discussion. And finally, we present you with t5his hairstyle with curls. Here the sides are braided with small twist braids. And the top of the head is decorated with lovely curls to make you the magnetic part of the place you exist.

Spelendid Curls


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