African American Short Natural Hairstyles for Women

In recent year African American short natural hairstyles become more popular. The use of this haircut increase day by day. Women who have natural hair strongly love these hairstyles. Here we make a list of latest 9  short African American natural hairstyles for black women.

“Short Natural Hairstyles”

Small Curly with Brown Color:

Women with short curly hair can use brown color some portion of hair. And this style is good for party and event.

Small Curly with Brown Color
Small Curly with Brown Color              Source: Instagram 

Side part Medium Length Hair:

The side part medium length hairstyles are popular to the young generation. Cut down the right side of hair and keep a medium length of hair like as the pictures make you more stylish.

Side Part Medium Length Hair
Side Part Medium Length Hair              Source: Instagram 

Small Mohawk with Two Shaved Parts:  

African American Women can style their natural hair with two shaved parts and the middle of the make a small mohawk.

African American Hairstyles for Women
Small Mohawk with Two Shaved Parts              Source: Instagram 

Eva Pigford Honey Gold Hair:

Eva Pigford Marcille honey gold natural short hairstyle.

Eva Pigford Honey Gold Hair
Eva Pigford Honey Gold Hair              Source: Instagram 

Curly Purple Pixie:

Short curly purple pixie natural hairstyle for African American women. And one of best African American Hairstyles.

Curly Purple Pixie
Curly Purple Pixie              Source: Instagram 

Black Short Bob:

Black short bob hairstyles for black African American women. A large number of women believe that short hair style is the latest sexy hairstyles.

Black Short Bob
Black Short Bob              Source: Instagram 
Black short bob hairstyles
Black short bob hairstyles              Source: Instagram 

Textured Pixie African American Natural Hairstyles:

The textured natural short hairstyle is one of the familiar hairstyles of the recent era. Some of the African American women call it as a fresh and independent hairstyle.

Textured Natural Pixie for African American
           Source: Instagram 
African American Natural Hairstyles
              Source: Instagram 

UltraShort with Curly Hair:

Ultrashort natural hairstyles look very cute and sexy. The hair is like a kids hair and you can add different art with it. We suggest for African American women try this with curly hair. Then it will be more attractive.

Ultra Short with Curly Hair
UltraShort with Curly Hair              Source: Instagram 

Medium Length Curly Hairstyle:

Medium length curly natural hairstyle is new and beloved of all African American women. World famous celebrity (actress) Whitney Houston keep her hair as medium length curly hairstyle.

Medium Length Curly Hairstyle
Image: Medium Length Curly Hairstyle              Source: Instagram 


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