Cornrows Hairstyles with 2 Braids

35 Best Two Cornrow Braids Choosy Styles to Copy

Two Cornrow Braids are made by interlacing underhand, near the scalp, and at a point, clearing the hair back from the face into two plaits. A new update on the exemplary style is to have your hair interlaced unevenly to fold over your head. There are lots of two cornrow braid hairstyles, which will suits you the most. If you are thinking of two cornrow braids, this article will help you to find the best hairstyles. You can use two cornrow braids with extensions, two cornrow braids with curly weave, etc. you can create two cornrow braids with short natural hair. Two cornrow braids price is reasonable for hairstyles. There are easy tutorials of two cornrow braids.

1.Horn Shaped Braids

Be crazy, do something like horns with your beautiful curls. It’s the widespread hairstyle of 2 braids all over the world. The braids on your head will look like horns and the edges placed by the two sides of your shoulder will give you a sexy and confident look. So let your surroundings turn their head towards you.

Horn Shaped Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

2.Crowned Braids Combined in Cornrows

This cornrows hairstyle is almost the same as the previous one except for the edges. Here, the lovely two braids are combined in the back. It gives you a look like a crown on your top. Amazing huh? A crown without something like a synthetic substance. You can wear this amazing hairstyle wherever you go.

Double Braids Combined in Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest

3.Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids

Make a high style statement by braiding your locks from the center towards your earlobes in a sharp cornrow array. Now, here’s the exciting part – Dutch braid some curl extensions on any side of your head along with the ends of all your cornrows. You now have locks look that gives a jumpy twist to the innocent teenager pigtails style.

Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids
Image Source: Instagram

4.Combined Cornrows

Be wild, be tremendous, be you with this modest golden cornrows style. Six straightforward backs pool to create two attractive braids at the hind and make a fantastic chic style. All you need to do is wear your most flamboyant guise and you’ll be spreading brightness ubiquitously!

Combined Cornrows
Image Source: Instagram

5.Twisted Scalp

This goddess braid is made up of two copious braids on the side that fall into pigtails. The scalp is tied strongly with two very little braids on top. The small cornrows on top, bend around into half-moons. It’s a very exclusive look that is guaranteed to convey your joy. There’s something to be said about the imaginativeness of the design.

Twisted Scalp
Image Source: Instagram

6.The Curved Cornrows

Most of the curls are left normal and heaved up into two buns, one on each side of the head. To attain this goddess look, you will want to add two cornrows down the center of the head and then bend them out on the way to the foreheads.

The Curved Cornrows
Image Source: Instagram

7. The Goddess Appeal

This is an astonishing appearance that looks astounding exclusively for an occasion. The braids are pulled strongly off to the side and then curled together in a gigantic bun at the bottom. It’s an inimitable style that is going to make you feel like a goddess.

The Goddess Appeal
Image Source: Instagram

8.The Sideways Glance

These two king-size braids are pulled firmly off to one side. The middle part is a braid while the leftover of the hair is pulled fairly tight to the sideways of her head. The braids are profuse which necessitate a lot of hair.

The Sideways Glance
Image Source: Instagram

9.The Pigtails

These pigtails are huge and vigorous. They are mutually pulled off to their particular side and drained into a pigtail. One sole braid is left in the central generating an uncommon design that will truly stand out in a crowd.

The Pigtails
Image Source: Instagram

10.Flower Petals Cornrows

Let put a flower on your head. No, I am not kidding. I am just talking about a flower-shaped design using a cornrows hairstyle. Each of the four cornrows is designed as the petals of a flower and they subsequently produce two charming braids by the two sides of your head. The thick braids add an eternal beauty to your hair.

Flower Petals Cornrows
Image Source: Instagram

11.4 Rows 2 Braids

Now let’s try something different. The girl in the picture wears a hairstyle of 4 rows and 2 braids. At the same time, she has added some color to her hair. And ultimately the hairstyle looks stunning and sexy. This hairstyle gives you the ultimate beauty and confidence wherever you go.

4 rows 2 Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

12.Side Cornrows and the Derived Braids

And finally the last one. Here, there are tiny cornrows by both sides of the head directed from the ear to the top of your head. At the same time, two beautiful braids are derived just by the side of them and end in the back. This is simply a gorgeous and imitable hairstyle. You can try this one for any kind of event, office, or tour.

Side Cornrows and the derieved braids
Image Source: Pinterest

13.Two Cornrows Braids Low Bun with Beads:

Needs thick and medium length hair which can be made to bun easily. Here two buns are existing with the same size and quality. Both buns are covered with off-white colorful beads. Upperside hair is twisted with beads as well.

Two Cornrows
Image: Two Cornrows Braids Low Bun with Beads                  Source: Pinterest

14.Two Cornrows Long Braids:

These two Cornrows long braids hairstyle looks like artificial hair. But it’s not. The cornrows beads start from the top of the hair or head and it lasts to the very end. We can call it semi-thick braids like it’s not so thick enough compared to other hairstyles. Braids are also twisted like the previous one.

Two Cornrows Long Braids
Image: Two Cornrows Long Braids  Source: Pinterest

15. U Shape Cornrow Puff:

Puff is that two big size hair round we see. The middle shape is called the U Shape Cornrow. No materials are being used to cut the hair for making this U shape. Rather than its totally handmade by swapping the hair to a perfect position only.


16.Jambo Braids with Cornrows:

You need to grow your hair to a long length and also with very high thickness. Otherwise, you cant be able to do this Jambo braids with Cornrows style in your hair. You can see there is no beads or other staff, only the hair is important here. The semi-twisted braids are so much thick that it can hurt anyone easily.

Image: Jambo Braids with Cornrows    Source: Pinterest

17.Pretty Cornrow Braids for Kids:

This one is for the toddlers. And that’s why beads are here. Cause children love colorful beads and that also make them look pretty very much. Here Braids are two with medium length hair. Another slight braid is noticeable in the very middle of the head.

Image: Pretty Cornrow Braids for Kids Source: Pinterest

18. Two Cornrows Braids with End Loose:

This is the style that is very difficult to use. In the upper head, hair is straightforward with two thick twisted braids. But the braids lose their path drastically and it spread all over the head suddenly. Basically, we call the downside hair similar curly in some sense. No beads can control this and that’s why no beads are being used here in this Two Cornrows Braids hairstyle.

Two Cornrows Braids
Image: Two Cornrows Braids with End Loose Source: Pinterest

19.Side Knots and Two Braids

The first hairstyle is the two b cornrows braids with two lovely knots on both sides of the head. The head is decorated with cornrows hairstyle and the braids produced with that are used to make two beautiful knots. Do not overlook the blonde edges of the first image and the extensions in the second image.

Knots 2
image source: Instagram
image source: Instagram

20.Blonde Highlights

Another dashing hairstyle for the African American black women who love the double cornrows braiding hairstyles. This lovely hairstyle consists of two giant cornrows braids and some tiny braids. The braids are colored light blonde to look like a blonde highlight. This dazzling hairstyle will make an angle bestowed on earth to enchant with your beauty.

Now it’s your turn. We have presented a number of two braided cornrows in front of you and all you need to do is pick a hairstyle and go to the saloon for the hairdo.

image source: Instagram


Colors make you more colorful and sexy. After the blonde highlight, we present you the reddish and gorgeous color on your cornrows bards to have a heavenly look. This super cool hairstyle will make you the center of attraction wherever you go. Use this hairstyle and you have a world to rule with your beauty.

Reddish 2
image source: Instagram
image source: Instagram

22.Blonde Edges

Like these horns? Actually, this beauty is created with the cornrows braids. This taped braid is ended with blonde color in the edges. This cute hairstyle is one of the most favorite hairstyles used by the African American black women especially the teens. Party or tour, Vacation or occasion, you are always fit, if you wear this dazzling hairstyle.

Blonde Wdges
image source: Instagram

23.Two in One

This one is more interesting and magnetic. Here, two lovely braids are made from cornrows texture and joined in the backside of the head. This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles in the whole world. And people of African Americans are pretty fond of this super sexy and dashing hairstyle nowadays.

Two In One 2
image source: Instagram
Two in One
image source: Instagram

24.Inspirational Two-Color Braids

These braids can take you to another level of beauty. The front decorations of the tiny cornrows braids are the main attraction of this lovely hairstyle. This hairstyle is gorgeous enough to prepare you for any kind of gathering, party or occasion. You can try this hairstyle in a natural color and blonde color. Whatever color you choose you will just rock.

Black Inspirational
image source: Instagram
Blonde Inspirational
image source: Instagram

25.Rail Cross Long Hair Braids

Make two cornrows braids like rail line and override them just how the train crosses. And let the braids hang by the backside of the head. This simple hairstyle is best for teenagers and youngsters. Nowadays this hairstyle has become more and more popular.

Rail Cross
image source: Instagram

26.Beads with Long Hair Two Braids

Let there be some beads on your beautiful braids of cornrows. The glittering golden beads will make you look like a princess. This hairstyle will give you additional glow in you and bound everyone surrounding you to fall in love with it. So let’s try this for the next hairdo.

Two Cornrow Braids
image source: Instagram
Image source: Instagram

27.Arrow Two Cornrow Braids with Beads

This one is a little bit different than the previous ones. This enchanting hairstyle consists of four braids in the front and two giant braids in the back. In the front, the smaller braids have been shaped as arrows that are pulled back to the backside of the head. This is a modern hairstyle idea for African American girls.

image source: Instagram

28.Blonde Curly Extensions Two Cornrows

Look at this golden girl. She has worn beautiful golden braids. But the main attraction is the extensions on the edges of the braids. The blonde extensions have made her hairstyle gorgeous and superb. This gorgeous hairstyle is perfect for a party or social gathering.

Blonde Highlights
image source: Instagram

29.Pure Cornrows

Hello, this is pure cornrows hairstyles. Here the head is as a whole covered with tiny cornrows braids. The texture of these tiny braids is super cool if n effect. And the fun part is the two giant braids produced by the side of the head. These two braids added excellence to this hairstyle.

Pure Cornrows
image source: Instagram

30.Straight Extensions

Here you can see the cornrows braids with straight extensions. Both of the braids have been added with these lovely black colored extensions. Looking great huh?

Straight Extensions
image source: Instagram

31.Curly Extensions End Loose

This hairstyle is another version of the number 10 hairstyle. Here, the extensions are curly and natural colored. As a hairstylist, I recommend this super sexy hairstyle.

Curly Extensions
image source: Instagram

32.Wrapper Two Braids

This hairstyle is for the kids. The African American kids look cute and smart with this wrapping braids hairstyle. Here, two beautiful cornrows braids are produced and the braids are used to wrap the whole head horizontally. The kids these days can use this hairstyle for schooling too.

image source: Instagram

33.Cornrows Triangle

In the world of hairstyles, the more color, shape, and combination you will make, the more your hairstyle will be unique, and the more you will look petty. Here, the cornrows braids are shaped as zigzag triangles to make a different look of your hairstyle. You can enchant anyone with this amazing hairstyle.


COrnrows Triangle
image source: Instagram

34.Zigzag Jumbo Cornrows

Here are two major braids and some tiny braids of cornrows. The minor tiny braids are positioned in a zigzag way to have some uniqueness and prettiness in your hairstyle. This hairstyle nowadays used by both African American males and females.

image source: Instagram

35.Side Fade Two Cornrow Braids

We will end the discussion with the most simple and perfect one. This is simple cornrows braids with two lovely braids. This hassle-free hairstyle is of low maintenance and greater effect for any woman with any kind of face shape and age.

image source: Instagram

so, now you have to pick the best one for you. These stylish hairstyles can make your look more attractive and you can enjoy the beauty of these can also try 3 cornrow braids, which is as good as 2 cornrow braids.

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