15 Big Cornrows Hairstyles You Cannot Miss

Cornrows are often done with simple fade lines with scalp touching braid hairs. Forgetting other usual cornrows style, here our only focus point is the big cornrows hairstyle. Because big cornrows are very unusual to us plus finding the desired big cornrows ideas is not straightforward. So, you can grasp certain ideas, and implement the most suitable one to your naturally curly hair.

Want to look like a goddess? Everyone does, especially the stylish women. And to look like a goddess, your hairstyles are of great importance. But all women of this planet are not allowed to style their hair as they like. In this regard, African-American women are the luckiest people on earth as they have the most flexible and beautiful hairs. You have the right guess, we are going to present the most beautiful big cornrow hairstyles in front of you. This type of hairstyle best fits the African-American women, so, our focus will be these lucky women. So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the best big cornrow hairstyles for African-American women.

Golden Cornrow Braids Ponytail

All that glitters is not gold. But don’t worry, this golden Braided Ponytail is no less than the beauty of gold. Goddess braids are well-known for extraordinary size, weightiness, and innumerable designs. Here the goddess braided hairdo is of cornrows that prepare an ample ponytail at the top, with cornrows that sling down in the back for a half-up, half-down style.

Golden Big Cornrows

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  Havana Twists

Are you feeling ‘wow’ seeing the hairstyle in the picture below? Well, you should, actually many people do. Using Havana hair extensions, these curls are generated with two threads (rather than three with cornrows and braids). If you need larger and fuller twists, you apply nominal tension. If you want thinner curls, you tweak them tighter. This big cornrow hairstyle will make the Afro-American women smarter, confident and fashionable. You can try this style during festivals too.

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Ghana Braids

What about this one? Look at her! She is just looking stunning with this exotic hairdo. What else do you need to look pretty? An African flair of wearing your curls just as the name recommends, Ghana braids are longer-lasting braids, showing a way for you to have marvelous hair when time just isn’t on yours. This hairstyle is simply simple and gorgeous for everywhere you go.

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Feeder Braided Bantu Knots

Ohh no!! Are they horns? Nope, these two are the piles of cornrow called knots. This hairstyle is one of the most trending and updated version big cornrow hairstyles all over the world. Bantu knots are one more lovely style of cornrow hairstyle but pooled here with goddess braids, they look astounding! The lay on the girl’s edges is to die for and this elegance will last at least two weeks. It will be stress-free to switch up also.

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Kandy big Cornrows

Cornrows are long sweet corns like the picture below. Although not everybody likes the flavor of Kandy corn, they look at these orange-and-yellow ombré giant braids. They are making a desire to eat a bowl full of them. The braids are introduced by YouTuber Kersti Pitre and she likes to call them Kandy Cornrows, the name fits perfectly.

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Beads for Days

This beautiful cornrows hairstyle will make you feel proud of your ethnicity. The braids are primarily divided into two parts of your head and the edges of the braids are decorated with kinds of stuff like the picture. Make your look fabulous with this great cornrow hairstyle.

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Geometric big Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

The geometric braids are very exclusive for their zigzag intersections. This style is for those girls in Africa who love complex but fancy hairstyles. The exciting thing about the big cornrows is that they can be made into various styles that will make you charming. All you need is a little creativeness to stand out.

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Big direct straight cornrow hairstyles

The braids should be corresponding with a French braid style. It is a simple smartness for those women who love natural looks. Go for a fundamental, forehead, or a adjacent side straight hairstyles and you will look fashionable and amazing. Most African-Americans love natural look of the giant cornrow hairstyles spice up or beautify their look by adding droplets.

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Large Braids

Want a touch of modern and classic cornrows to your lovely curls? Why don’t you try these lovely braids? Look carefully, a lovely golden touch is present there. The scalp is cornrow braids, but this woman wanted large braids prepared into a ponytail as well. These copious braids absolutely make a statement.

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Cornrow Spirals

This bun is outstanding, and the style in the front makes for a gorgeous style.

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Circular Design

These cornrows rotation in a round design; that is fairly astonishing. The scalp is made up of cornrows, but the rest of the hair is left loose.

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Long Chunky Black Braids

Chunky box braids are completely in style. With interchanging thin braids, the hairstyle feels very stunning. What creates extensions so precious is how you can try out with volume and length. You can flair your curls in ways your normal locks wouldn’t allow.

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Cornrows Enclosed by Headband Braid

Get amused with your defensive styles like this. All of your split ends will be inserted away, so you won’t have to concern about breakage. To make a hairdo like this last, make sure to wrap your curls with a satin muffler every night or use a cap.

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Big Kriss-Kross Cornrows Braids

Extended hair is such a discomfort in the behind during the warmer, summer months when it annoys the back of your neck and gets super thorny and tangled. This is why you should check out this look – another of the trendy ways to rock cornrows.

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Red Cornrows with Zig Zag Parting

If you’re playing around with new cornrows, what happened to the colors? There’s something so renewed and jazzy about this zig-zag parting and positive color and we’ve already recognized that red is a hot hair trend for the coming year.

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