Top 12 African-American Hairstyles for Male

African-American males are sometimes very confused in choosing hairstyles. But no worries, we have brought you a jumble of old and latest African-American hairstyles which will make you confident, stylish and smart. We have focused your hair length, hair color, and hair straightness while making this list. And here is the top 12 African-American hairstyles for male which are trending in 2018.

#1 Low Fade with Weaves

What about a hairstyle with low fade and weaves for your next haircut? Confused? Look at the picture below, it is one of the most African-American hairstyles of male. With waves, a lineup and blurred fade, this casual short hairdo have a lot going on. The mustache is also shaped for a clean cut appearance.

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#2 Cornrow Dreads with Braided Bun

Do you own long hairs on the top of your head and short in the sides? If yes, you are eligible for this wonderful haircut. It is one of the latest hairstyles trending nowadays. So Next time you go for a haircut, you must try this ‘Cornrow Dreads with Braided Bun’ hairstyle and let the planet turn back to you.

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Cornrow Dreads with Braided Bun

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#3 Fade with Blonde Dreads on Top

Among recent African-American men hairstyles, this one is gorgeous and one of the most unique hairstyles. Look at the blonde dreads on top. Isn’t it awesome? At the same time, the fade on the sides makes it more lucrative. And the crescent line in the front makes the hairstyle perfect. You must not ignore this smart hairstyle in 2018.

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#4 Shaved Side and Low Fade with curly weaves

Now what about this one? This hairstyle consists of beards, low fade in the sides and the beautiful curly weaves on the top of your head. The foremost advantage of fades is a spotless trendy look. You may go for lengthier hair on top and play with its textures in altered hairdos or buzz it and overlook about your comb and fashioning stuffs.

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#5 Short and Crisp hairstyle

This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for gentlemen. It is trendy, gentle, stylish, smart and perfect in any situation and festival. The top hair is a little bit wavy and short. Keep your beards shaved for the best look with this hairstyle. When you want a comfortable haircut in all situations, you must go to the shop and apply this.

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#6 Wavy Low Fade

Now, this hair cut is for the men with beards and a little plump. Look carefully at the picture, can you find anything like ‘wow’? Little fade trims start low on the sideways of the head. It is a great choice for when you need natural weaves to blend in with the rest of the haircut. You can apply this hairstyle without beards. But if you have beards, be assured to have the edges well-presented and smooth.

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#7 Curls with Temple Fade

Natural curls are one of the gifts given to the African-American people. And now it’s time to show the people who disagree me in this regard. Curls can be used as a base of smartness and confidence. The following picture will clear this out. A temple fade and rounded neck clean up the boundaries of this medium length crimped cut.

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#8 Retro Curved Flat Top

Convinced? You should be. This a brand new and trending hairdo across the America and Africa among the Afro-American male. Here the top is almost flat except the pointy pyramid over the right side and that’s the main part to observe and to make people jealous. To supplement the style, have a little bit beards and wear glasses. Like this guy, you will look extraordinary.

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#9 Flat Top with Reverse Fade

 Have you ever tried reverse fade? And with a flat top? If ‘no’, Do not waste a minute if you are going for a haircut. This hairstyle is not a common and available yet. And that’s why we suggest this hairstyle. The whole package consists of the full beards, pointy backside, and a flat top. Really awesome, isn’t it? As if the top wasn’t cool enough, this cut features a double-V design at the back.

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#10 Big Braids with Fade

Have you ever thought this way? This one of the modern and smartly modified versions of cornrow hairstyles. These giant braids, mainly enfolded into a short roll like you see below, generate a very discrete look, especially when you add in a fade effect. To make this appearance work, all you need to do is split your hair across your head into three equivalent chunks and braid them separately. Now, join them to the back with a warped small bun. To make it appearance sharper, try to have a shaving sharp a line-up in front.

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11. Afro-Textured Hairstyle

This hairstyle is also branded as kinky hair, this type of curling hair necessities distinctive care, however, its texture will permit you to play around with variety hairstyles. These close-fitting curls can be delicate to conserve but with the right trickery. Here, your hair threads can are easy to break so it’s essential that you practice using a conditioner every time you rinse your hair. This is absolutely the utmost natural look no matter what length you choose to go for.

Afro-Textured Hairstyle

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#12. Line Up with Waves

Alright – here’s the last but not the least one of those African-American hairstyles.  We’re speaking waves, of course! These well-defined, curving waves only come with great care and lengthier hair. Make sure your boar bristle brush is ready to go. You’ll requisite some pomade/grease ton be applied to your hair as well. The consequential appearance is unanimously loved wherever you go, from the meeting room to the motorways, etc.

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So, the choice is yours now. Decide quickly which African-American Hairstyle you are going to apply your head. Let us know about you experience.

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