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Hello, brother locks lovers, welcome to our blog. I know you have reached here searching for the desired brother locks hairstyles on the internet. Take a deep breath, you are at the right place where you will find a bunch of brotherlocks hairstyles for black men for you. You will be able to choose the perfect one for you and get it done by your stylist. Moreover, we will give you a precise idea about the brother locks hairstyle in this article. At the end of the discussion, you will know almost everything about the smart brother locks hairstyles.

The brother locks hairstyles are the male version of the Sisterlocks hairstyles. The same locks become Sisterlocks and brother locks when those locks are worn by the female and male respectively. I know all of you are very much familiar with the dreadlocks too. The brother locks or the Sisterlocks are the minified version of the dreadlocks. The main difference between these two locks is the thickness. The same beauty and effect are created by these two hairstyles. So, let the discussion begin now.

What are the Brotherlocks Hairstyles?

First of all, let’s define the brotherlocks hairstyles more formally. Brotherlocks is the male version of the Sisterlocks. The styling procedure was designed and developed and trademarked by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. He developed sisterlocks for the women and the brotherlocks for the men. And these men and women are of African American ethnicity.  In this locks hairstyle natural hair texture is used to encourage the hair to create shrill, flexible locks parallel in size and texture to microbraids. In terms of sisterlocks, the interlocks may be a little bit longer.

The Dreadlocks and the Sisterlocks

Brotherlocks are almost the same as the Sisterlocks but tend to be a little bigger. They are smaller than conventional locks. Sisterlocks and brotherlocks are easy to wash and moisturize because of the tiny sectors of hair. 

Brotherlocks and the Dreadlocks

Honestly speaking, brotherlocks are a kind of dreadlock. actually, any formula of hair that is knotted, laced (but not braided) or otherwise tangled to form a lock can be referred to as a deadlock. anyway, there are many methods used to make dreadlocks, a term that usually refers to the conventional, palm-rolled hairdo characteristically related to the Rastafarian movement but more broadly contained as a natural African American or hippie style.

What Can You Do With Brotherlocks?

Well, the brotherlocks hairstyles are flexible and multipurpose. The locks allow you to make anything you like. Like the dreadlocks hairstyles, these locks can be used as long hairstyles or the short and medium hairstyles. Moreover, you can try a variety type of hairstyles and patterns with the dreadlocks hairstyles. For example, the bun hairstyles, the ponytails, the colored hairstyles, etc. These diversified use of brotherlocks hairstyles have made this hairstyle more popular and demandable.

What is the Installation Process of the Brotherlocks Hairstyles?

You need a certified loctician to make Brotherlocks hairstyles for you, and there’s a specific level of commitment as you’ll need to go to the loctician several times of a year. That’s why you should have clear research before installing the brotherlocks on your head.

In this case, you may consult several loctician to make sure about the hairstyle you are going to make it suitable for you or not, their experiences, pricing, etc. However, the process of using brotherlocks is a step by step process. Let’s see what are the processes.

  • Initial Consultation. At the first appointment, your loctician will discuss your hair’s history and find out about your styling preferences. The loctician will probably put 1-12 sample locks into your hair to determine whether Brotherlocks is right for you. If you decide you want to install Brotherlocks, your loctician will book an appointment for the full installation. The cost for the initial consultation is $25-$50.
  • Installation. This is the main visit. The locking session can take anywhere from 10 to 20 hours so you may want to schedule it over two days. The loctician will install 400-500 locks with a unique tool, and give you a starter kit that contains shampoo, tiny rubber bands, and a tip sheet for Brotherlocks hair care. You’ll also schedule your follow-up visit during the installation. If you have long or dense hair, be prepared to pay on the higher side. The cost of this visit ranges from $500 to $800.
  • Follow-Up Visit. The purpose of the follow-up appointment is to check the integrity of the locks and to tighten locks that experience slippage. You’ll also be able to talk about styling options and ask any questions you might have about care. This visit is usually scheduled one month after the installation and after you’ve shampooed your hair at least twice. The cost for this visit may be charged hourly but will be about $100 for the session.
  • Retightening Visits. Your loctician will need to retighten your locks every 4-8 weeks. She will be able to check progress and monitor the correct formation of the locks during the appointment. At this point, you could also opt to purchase Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks training, so you can get the tool and retighten your own locks. The cost of the retightening session is about $100.

Maintenance of the Brotherlocks Hairstyles of Black Men

Maintaining your Brotherlocks after installing them freshly is crucial because they will be vulnerable to slippage in the first several months. Be prepared to wait two weeks after your installation for your first wash.

  • It is necessary to wash the hair every two weeks during this period, but you can spray the locks with water throughout the week to evade aridness. Waterlessness can cause the locks to become hard, and they can face breakage problems.
  • When your Brotherlocks are matured, you can shower them once every week. Don’t worry they will not loosen. Always avoid using combs and brushes to groom your brotherlocks. Because the use of comb and brushes can cause frizz and breakage problems. but, you can finger-comb you lovely brotherlocks gently and make your desired hairstyles
  • The third suggestion for you is here. Taking care of the Brotherlocks is easy and simple as the locks are thin and it is easy to touch the scalp. It’s critical to wash the locks so that mold doesn’t create in them and to dry them as quickly as possible.
  • On washing day of the brotherlocks hairstyles, you should muddle your Brotherlocks combinedly with a ponytail holder to avoid breakage. Rinse your scalp nicely to avoid dandruff and fungus. Cleaning the scalp will accelerate healthy progress, and helps to keep the locks neat and clean.
  • You may use the conditioner to soften you lovely brotherlocks and to create a nice shine on your hairstyle. But always try to avoid the slippery products on your head because these products can cause loose in your locks in the beginning period.

Well, that was the complete discussion about the brotherlocks hairstyles for the African American black men. In the meantime, we have provided a large number of images containing the brotherlocks hairstyles for the black men. You can choose your desired style and make that done on your head. You can let us know about your experience, suggestions, and feedback through the comment box below. Your feedback inspires us to write something interesting. Stay smart, keep smart. Thank you.

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