Bun on Natural Hair Ideas That Create Polished Look

Best bun on natural hair for your beautiful look. Most of the African American women like bun style for its beauty. Here a list of 13 best bun hairstyles ideas for natural hair Lovely women.

“Bun on Natural Hair Ideas”

Faux Locs Bun with Marley Hair:

Faux Locs Bun with Marley hairstyle is very much difficult to give a proper shape. You have to be very careful and accurate to portray this hairstyle on you. First of all, you need very long, lengthy and dense hair to make this style perfectly. The majority or 65-70% of Marley or artificial hair is tangled up to your head like an Eiffel Tower.

Faux Locs Bun with Marley Hair (Bun on Natural Hair)
Image: Faux Locs Bun with Marley Hair/Instagram 

Feed in Bun:

This one is counted as the craziest hairstyle you have ever seen in your whole. Very much hard to give shape and need a certain amount of time and maintenance. In this picture, you can clearly see that all the hair is in feed and on the top there is a big bun in middle. The tale of the hair is going to join that bun rather than go to the downward.

Feed in Bun
Image: Feed-in Bun/Instagram 

Braids Bun with End Loose:

This Braids Bun with End Loose hairstyle is pretty much applicable to the colorful people with colorful hair. Lots of braids we can see in this picture, those are quite frankly joined to the bun and creates an end loose again with buns.

Braids Bun with End Loose
Image: Braids Bun with End Loose/Instagram 

Pretty Braids Top Bun:

This hairstyle is very much cool we can say. It is thick, hard and a combination of silky & curly hair. Quite an uncommon or rare combination we can say. Attached head braid hairs are joint with the top bun hair. Here that bun is also in beads.

Pretty Braids Top Bun
Image: Pretty Braids Top Bun/Instagram 

Two Parted Braids Two Bun:

Two-parted braids with two bun hairstyles are not everyone’s cup of tea. One can have to be work very hard and keep patience to get this hairstyle pin perfect. You can be done with Marley’s hair or you can color it but that’s a very tough task to do. Its also a timely hairstyle. Long and straight hair are mixed up with color and marley hair, then tie with a two ball shape in your head.

Two Parted Braids Two Bun
Image: Two Parted Braids Two Bun/Instagram 

Cute 2 Low Bun with Braids:

This one is cute and a simple hairstyle. Not much complexity is here and you can do it at your home also. Your natural hair size or color is applicable for this hairstyle. Just braid those hair sharply and shaped it like two buns.

Cute 2 Low Bun with Braids
Image: Cute 2 Low Bun with Braids/Instagram 

Soft Puff with Cornrow Braids:

This puff hairstyle is only applicable for those who have puff hair. Straight or curly hair holders can’t be do that. Yes, sometimes natural things can make you perfect. First, you all your hair. how many braids you make, it’s your own choice relates to your body and facial shape.  Then the last part’s of puff hair is being pulled to the uppers side and mixing up all the hair for the shape like in this picture.

Soft Puff with Cornrow Braids
Image: Soft Puff with Cornrow Braids/Instagram 

Blonde Black Mix Rare Bun:

We can call it a linen hairstyle because it pretty looks like linen hair. Bun is rare, combination of lots of long, short, thick & thin hair. Then you shape it like cobra hood. You can also do blonde color on your most thick hair’s. It focuses to other people five times more than all black hair.

Blonde Black Mix Rare Bun
Image: Blonde Black Mix Rare Bun/Instagram 

Long Box Braids up Bun:

As you can see, its a totally Box braid hair style. This one is long box braid without any blonde or any other color. The bun part also are in a box braided shape. Suits mostly teenagers.

Long Box Braids up Bun
                                             Image: Long Box Braids up Bun/Instagram 

Cute Two Bun with Center Parted Black Hair:

Center parted hair means part of the hair, and that part should be in the middle part, in front of head side. Then the right and left side’s of hair are joint up with a two shape bun.

Cute Two Bun with Center Parted Black Hair
Image: Cute Two Bun with Center Parted Black Hair/Instagram 

Glamorous Bun with Loving Feed:

This is the most glamorous hairstyle among the braid bun hairstyles. You have to braid your upper hair braid perfectly like as always the other hairstyles. Now comes to the loving feed part. Not necessarily you have to make this shape shown in this picture, you can do it also in your preference. But be careful with one part that is you shaped it a nice manner, not the typical or hard-rock style. Best of luck.

Glamorous Bun with Loving Feed
Image: Glamorous Bun with Loving Feed/Instagram 
Image: Glamorous Bun with Loving Feed (Back)/Instagram 

Center Parted 2 Braids with Low Bun:

You can get an idea about the center-parted hairstyle just before one picture ago. Now this one is one-grade upper hairstyle we can say compare to that center-parted hairstyle. I will tell you the reason Because this one very much thinner and hair are mostly silky. your braid is with the center hair and also been parted. Then you can also do side parted braid with your natural hair or mixing up with blonde, as you wish.

Center Parted 2 Braids with Low Bun
Image: Center Parted 2 Braids with Low Bun/Instagram 

Jumbo Faux Locs Bun:

Jumbo faux locs bun hairstyle is very much similar to the first picture named Faux locs bun. But the difference is, this jumbo hairstyle is fully made up of with the natural and real hairs. Haven’t used any kind of blonde or Marley hair. This hair is also very much thicker and harder than the faux locs hair. You can beads it also but with a lower number.

Jumbo Faux Locs Bun
Image: Jumbo Faux Locs Bun/Instagram 

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