Incredible 20 Designs of Cornrows for Kids

You will find thousands of cornrows hairstyles on the internet. But which are the best among those? Actually, the selection of a cornrows hairstyle is very much confusing, especially the cornrows for kids. The kids are the heavenly angels on earth and to retain their angelic look. In this article, we are going to discuss a very popular and widespread hairstyle called cornrows for the kids. If you are the parents searching for a suitable cornrows hairstyle for your kids, then you are definitely at the right place. So, hold tight and let’s dive in the top 20 cornrows hairstyle for the kids. Scroll to the down for the best ones.

  1. Scorpion Cornrows for Kids

The first one is the scorpion cornrows. This cornrows hairstyle will give an awesome look to your kids. The cornrows are shaped like the tail of a scorpion back to front. And there are some beautiful thick braids hanged by the backside of the head. So, its time for your kids to have a braided hairstyle like this.

Scorpion Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest


  1. Cornrows with Braided Crown

This one is a little bit unique than the other ones. Here the top head is decorated with the tiny cornrows and the whole sides of the head are wrapped with thick beautiful braids. As a result, the wrapped braids look like a crown position on the head. It’s time you gift your kid a hair crown.

Cornrows for Kids
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  1. Goddess Braids for Kids

Yes, Goddess braids are not for the adults only. Your kid can also wear this goddess looking braids to look more angelic. It is very simple and easy. Hair color needs to be colored golden and some thick braids have to be made. That’s all you have nothing more to do to make a goddess braids hairstyle. Now your angelic kid will look like a goddess.

Godess Braids for Kids
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Thick Cornrow Braids

This is a beautiful and splendid look. Can you imagine how a single hairstyle can reveal the concealed beauty of your kid? These thick cornrows braids are heavenly in look and charming in effect. Use some white accessories on the braids for the ultimate effects.

Thick Cornrow Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Cornrow Braids and ponytails

Without ponytails cornrows braids are unimaginable. Ponytails are popular among the African American people for the comfortable look. Besides, this braided hairstyle will create a great comfort especially during the warm seasons. The kid in the image is wearing a fantabulous ponytail, and why don’t you try this too for your kids?

Cornrow Braids and ponytails
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Cornrows Into Twists Updo

This one is the combination of cornrows, braids, and updo. The combination results in the Cornrows into Twists Updo. And the beauty is just in front of you. So you the one to judge the charms of it.

Cornrows Into Twists Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Cornrows Bun

Buns are one of the beautiful parts of any hairstyle. So if you can make a beautiful bun with the cornrows braids, the hairstyle will be awesome and beautiful just like the picture. This is a hustle free and easy way to get your kid ready.

Cornrows bun
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Cute Cornrows And Beads

Cute Cornrows and Beads are the most beautiful elements of today’s kid’s hairstyles.  Make a beautiful Cornrows and put some beads at the edges of the braids in the backside of the head and let the world turn their head towards your kid.

Cute Cornrows And Beads
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Braided Cornrows with Buns

This both formal and informal hairstyle for the kids. The process is very simple too. Just make 4 thick cornrows braids and make a bun with the braids and tie them with the rubber band at the top of the head. Now you are done.

braided cornrows with buns
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Cornrows with Extensions

This hairstyle uses most of the kids all over the world irrespective of their ethnicity. You can be prepared with this lovely hairstyle for the school and outing. Besides, this hairstyle can be worn casually and naturally.

Cornrows with Extensions
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Asymmetrical Protective Braided Updo

Here you the one to judge the beauty of the hairstyle. Asymmetrical Protective Braided Updos are always awesome in look and great for styling the kids. The beautiful bun is the main part of this hairstyle which ads an ultimate beauty for the kids. On the other hand, the cornrows textures have made this hairstyle perfect.

Asymmetrical Protective Braided Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Lovely Knots with Cornrows

Cornrows can be shaped and played around according to your wish. This hairstyle consists of the cornrows braids and three beautiful knots on the top of the head. I think it is perfect for kids with short hair. Moreover, your kids will feel great relax with this hairstyle during the summer seasons.

Lovely knots with cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Cute and Lovely

This is cute and lovely. This kid has been decorated with cornrows on the head and two beautiful braids which are decorated with white accessories are positioned at the back with some beads at the edges of the braids. Gorgeous and fabulous, huh? Besides the criss-crosss hair guarders are

Cute and Lovely
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Cornrow Ponytail

Do not have much time on hand? Do not worry, try this one. Simply make some cornrows braids and tied them with rubber-like a ponytail and you are done. Additionally, the cornrows ponytail hairstyles are regarded as one of the cutest hairstyles the African American kids have ever worn.

Side Braids & Twists
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Side Braids & Twists

This one is a little bit different. The side is cornrows braided with twists and the leftover of the hair is braided with golden braids. That’s all simple and gorgeous at the same time.

Side Braids & Twists
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Zigzag Cornrows Braids

Why the cornrows braids have to be straight always? Let’s try some zigzag braids like the kid in the picture. Hope it will bring some enchantment to the surrounding. On the other hand, it will be a no-conventional and unique hairstyle for your kids that will increase her personality.

Zigzag Cornrows Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Beads, Braids, and Cornrows

I have really nothing to say about this hairstyle. Here is everything a kid need to look beautiful. The beads, the braids, and cornrows can do anything and cast a magical spell on the others just like the hairstyle in the picture. On the other hand, the cornrows braids with beads will reflect her adorable personality.

Beads, Braids and Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Tribal Braids for Kids

Going on vacation or tour?  Let’s have this tribal cornrows braids for your kids. The wild and tribal look will enchant everybody. On the other hand, this protective hairstyle will bestow great comfort and relax on her.

Tribal Braids for Kids
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Zigzag Cornrows

This cornrows hairstyle is slightly different than the previous zigzag cornrows hairstyle. Here the braids are decorated with beads and let them hanged by the backside of the head.

Cornrows for Kids
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Colored locks and Cornrows

This is the last one and probably the best one. In this hairstyle, some color has been added in the hair and the hair is designed as the cornrows braids. And only for the fabulous color, this simply made cornrows is one of the best among the previous hairstyles.

Colored locs and Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest

so, what do you think about these hairstyles? Aren’t they worth wearing? If yes, pick one and get it done for your kids. Besides, If you have any question about these hairstyles, you can leave a comment below. And to get regular updates about our posts, you can follow us on social media.

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