Curly Hairstyle Ideas for African American Men

Curly hairstyle is popular to men as women.  Black men can try these four styles a year round.

#1. Curly Special Cut:

Now this is interesting. Because we have no girl in here. We now talk about the boy’s hairstyle. As you can see in this picture, the hair is fully curly with a very short length. But in the forehead, there is a well-structured cut that will attract one’s attention easily. And that special cut in the hair looks also very dashing and cool. There is also an empty space between the curly hair and shaved portion. That is named as curly special cut.

Curly Hairstyles Pictures for African American Guys
Source: Instagram

#2. Black Individual Curly:

This one is also full of curly hair. Hair length is shorter than the previous one. There is also a well managed cut or management in the forehead cut or hair. There is very low-density hair around the ear. That gives more boost to this hairstyle. No cut of line or other materials is there.

Curly Hairstyles Pictures for Black Guys
Source: Instagram

#3. Perfect Curls Beard:

This is curly. Not the hair only but the beard also. Special cut or management we are seeing in this picture. In the upper head, high density of hair is there just in the middle. And then the side portion of hair is extremely shaved that it gives a look into the head skin. For better match this guy also grows his beard that is also in curly, matching with the hair. And also some of the special cut’s in the hair too is visible and looking good.

Source: Instagram

#4. Side Shaved Curls:

Hair is fully curly and the density is highest in this hairstyle compared to previous ones. The hair has no control or management, just growing this as usual naturally. But the cutting style is special. In the middle of the head, the hair is in full mood. But the side part is totally shaved as you can see. This is a new style among the teenagers most.

Curly Hairstyles
Source: Instagram

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