Microlocks vs Sisterlocks – Identify The Major Differences

Sometimes users get confused to choose the right hairstyle between Microlocks and Sisterloks. Although both styles look so similar, they are different in many aspects. There are many types of lockstyles. Now let’s discuss these two hairstyles to provide you a proper understanding.

What is Microlocks Hairstyle?

Microlocks are basically the most well-known hair loc style. Microlocks is a small pencil size hair locks style. Maintaining this hairstyle is tough to ask for a new generation. Sometimes lack of knowledge doesn’t give us the proper understanding about this thing. Let’s describe the types of Microlocks style. 

Different Types of Microlocks Style 

  • Interlocks style

Interlocks style

 It is the smallest version of Microloks. Your hair textures will be up to come up from the internal side of the scalp. Looks like a tree well uprooted but its upper part is attached with the mud. More or less this thing can be compared with mangrove trees.     

  • Braids Microlocks 

When you have long-length natural curly hair, you can go for that braid Microlocks combination style. It looks so dynamic and well patterned. 

  • Twisted Micro Locs

You can go for that style with your medium or long bob cut hairstyle. Maintaining this twisted hair is very easy and simple. This style is suitable for almost all types of natural curly hairs. If you wanna make a quick change to your hairstyle, I will suggest this style.   

What is Sisterlocks Hairstyle? 

It is a very natural and versatile hairstyle. This style was first introduced by a hair specialist not so long ago. People use some special tools to make this style. It is so natural and turns your tiny-types dreadlocks into a particular shape. Applying hair gel, waxes and oil is a mandatory product of making sister locks.    

  • Short Sisterlocks

This style can be made with short size hairs. Using the specific tools hair masters can produce this spectacular design. With inline fade and sharp Locs add another dynamic to that style. 

  • Front Box Sisterlocks

In this type of style, slightly long curly hair is most suitable. The sharp fade line goes at the center of the scalp. With proper holding and wavy hair, you are always prepared for work. Hassle-free movement is the best feature of this style. 

  • Box Bun Sisterlocks

To get the perfect box bun sisterlocks your hair must be very small. Only strong curly hair can hold this style with the proper shape for a long time. You can make little buns all over the head to add a more different look. Without the bun, this style is also attractive.

The Main Difference Between Microlocks vs Sisterlocks Hairstyle

Microlocks Hairstyle  Sisterlocks Hairstyle 
It is a traditional Locs style that comes with a size of pencil and pinky finger  Whereas, it is a customary Locs style, created by some specific tools. 
Micro Locs are less expensive than Sisterlocs  Sisterlocs is an expensive hairstyle. Which is installed by the use of oil, gel, braid, etc. 

How To Care Locs Hairstyles 

It is not very easy to maintain Locs hairstyles. Without proper care, Locs can create extra problems to your scalp. So, follow our hair expert’s advice to properly care for your Locs style. 

  • Use of oil 

For any type of hairstyle, the use of oils is a great choice. Especially for the Locs hair, the oil has an extraordinary impact. Oil brings strength and hair growth by nourishing your hair. Sometimes due to Locs style hair easily loses moisture. Which makes hair dull and dry. To save your hair from being damaged, use proper hair oil. 

  • Use of hair musk 

It is really important to save your hair from the direct heat of the sun and wind. Hair Mask can be used as UV protection. In that way, hair will get the effect of these things, and will always be clean. 

  •  sleeping time protection 

Our unconscious mind hairstyle can be impacted. That’s why just unfold as the little buns of your hair. Make your hair before sleeping as much as possible. Don’t put any extra pressure on your scalp by tightly folding up, on the sleeping time.   


  • Question: How to maintain dreads of hair? 
  • Answer:  Wash your dreads every one or two weeks. Use shampoo and oil to add a minimum level of moisture. 
  • Question: Is it possible to make microlocks on crochet hair?
  • Answer: Crochet hair is suitable for microlocks hairstyle. 
  • Question: Are sisterlocks dangerous for hair? 
  • Answer: Sometimes sisterlocks can put some bad impact on your hair. Because this expensive style is possible with the help of special tools and some chemicals. As we all know chemicals are not a good choice for natural hair. But the overall result of applying microlocks style is not dangerous for users.
  • Question: How long does the locs hairstyle last? 
  • Answer: Different types of locs styles have different lasting duration. But the average lasting ability of a locs style is 4-6 weeks.

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