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6 Best Perm Rod Set On 4c Natural Hair Reviews & Using Guide

Prem rod is an essential element to style your natural 4c hair. Historically, setting perm rods inside hairs, known as the traditional practice of some African-traditional groups. However, in modern times the perm rod set has become a part of fashion. Also, it makes hair styling very easy. Specifically, the perm rod set comes with a great effect on natural 4c hair. You can easily manipulate your thin texture hairs, with the help of it. As a result, the demand for perm rods is increasing rapidly. See some of the most top-rated perm rod collections from here.  

Reasons for Trying Perm Rod on Natural Hair 

There are so many factors in choosing perm rods instead of some other materials. That’s why users are very satisfied with this item. Let’s know the main reasons that drive users to buy perm rods. 

Complete care  

Well getting complete care from home is a really tough thing. However, some materials make the styling experience much better. You will get completely curled hair from home. No extra cost will be needed. Just see great curled hair with proper layers. More importantly, a single person can make his own style. No other person is required. 

Shades of an ancient method

The perm rod method is not a newly invented one. For centuries back some ethnic groups used to use bamboo for curling natural hair. Eventually, they started using bamboo springs to get proper curling hair. So, it is a proven styling method of a century old. Generation after generation is carrying the ancient method. And in modern times, people started to use plastic materials instead of hand-made bamboo sticks. So, if you maintain your natural hair with the formula of the ancient period, the chances of getting positive results are so high. 

Easy method  

Perming rod needs no supply of electricity. Not even you need to have water or other supporting things. Styling is so easy with the perm rods. Just apply the rods on your hair, and draw the curls according to your convenience. That will be enough for properly curled hair. 

Eventually, the cost is very low. People don’t intend to have many costs. This simple proven method allows convenient styles within a short time. All these reasons force people to buy perm rods instead of other materials.  

Orange Perm Rod Set On Natural Hair

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Product description 

The orange perm rod set comes with a dimension of 8.19 x 7.24 x 3.58 inches. Plus the weight is very manageable. Which is only 1.43 pounds. It is perfect for all kinds of curly hair. You will get salon curling style from home. It is a very great option for quick styling. You are the person who deserves a good product.   


  • It comes in a size, which is perfect for all kinds of curly hair. 
  • It is very comfortable to use. Therefore, you will get the most efficient result from inside your home. 
  • Just roll over the rod on your hair. The result will make you speechless. Natural hair will become so strong that the rubber band doesn’t fall out easily. 


  • Sometimes users get stuck with less knowledge. So, you must have proper knowledge of how to easily apply it. 

4 Sizes Hair Curling Perm Rods Set for Natural Hair

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Product description 

You will get four different color options with this perm rod. This set of professional non-slip cold wave rods can be opened with a lid cap.  Excellent Quality non-slip cold wave rod with several vents for better saturation. All these sets of perm rods are made with long-lasting materials. 


  • You don’t need the heating on natural hair, just roll the plastic material on your hair. 
  •  its wide slot design can evenly distribute liquid to the hair during the curling
  • Don’t cause any rashing and side impacts on natural hair 


  • Well, some users have asked for a high amount of purchasing money. 

Orange Color Perm Rods Set for Short Natural Hair

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These perm rods are specially designed for short-length hair. It comes in a package dimension of  10.87 x 9.84 x 0.94 inches. However, the weight is almost 11 ounces. Which is comparatively heavier than some previously mentioned items. Well, see some spectacular qualities of this set of the perm rod. 


  • The manufacturing company offers you quality perm rods. It is manufactured with a mixer of plastic and stainless steel. 
  • These hair perm rods sets are reusable and durable enough for your multiple times of usages
  • This set of perm rods don’t cause any breakage to natural 4c hair. 


  • Please be careful to maintain this set of materials. You should keep it out of the reach of the children. 

80 Pieces Hair Perm Rod Set on Medium Natural Hair

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Product description 

You will get the 80 pieces of hair roller in 4 different sizes with the package. That is enough quantity to share with your sisters. The product dimension is 7.87 x 7.09 x 2.76 inches. And the weight is almost 14 ounces. We hope you will get extra benefits from these perm rod sets. Moreover, the set is very suitable for medium-length natural hair. 


  • Users will get different color options to choose their convenient one. 
  • It easily provides defining curls on different types of hair 
  • It allows users to curl natural hair in a simple and natural way. That’s why you will not suffer from unwanted hair falling. 


  • Some users have complained about the low lasting-ability of this product. But we haven’t found any problems yet with it. 

Plastic Hair Perm Rods Long Cold Wave Hair

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Product description  

Well when you have long hair, you will be looking for long perm rods. Here the manufacturing company offers you this option of buying long perm rods. Mostly these rods come at a reasonable price value. These long hair perm rods are durable and safe to use. It comes with a dimension of ‎ 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches. While the weight is 7.39 ounces. 


  • These hair rollers are very versatile in nature. Users don’t need to optimize the electrical power for getting the curling hair from it. 
  • It is very helpful to create defining curls on different types of hair
  • You will get some exclusive color options from the manufacturing brand. 


  • Maintaining those long-length perm rods won’t be easy work for you. Either everything is satisfying. 

Jumbo Large Medium Plastic Cold Wave Perming Rods

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Product description 

Now we have reached our last collection. These medium-length perming rods come from the jumbo company. You will get green, orange, and purple color options here. Also, the sizable dimension allows it to carry with you. This package includes 78 pieces of perm rods for you. This complete package offers everything for defining curly hair, from home. 


  • Users will have the opportunity to choose from different sizes and colors. 
  • Made with high-quality materials. Therefore, the rods last longer than some other materials. 
  • Enough quantity can share them with your friend, family, also can be as a great gift


  • Everything in the package is satisfying, except the price value. However, you will get enough things for your money. 

Easy Methods Of Using Perm Rods On Your 4c Natural Hair

To be fair people have brought out some great methods of using the perm rod. But any wrong movement can cause harm to your natural hair. Specialty, for the 4c natural hair. Because the hair naturally comes with thin layers. That’s why our hair expert Adam Cole has found out the easiest and the effective ways of using perm rods on your 4c natural hair. So, follow the methods given below. 

Step 1: Make your hair dry up. You can use it better after taking shower. Because water generally makes natural hair softer than before. Then let the hair dry up properly. In the first part, just use a rat tail comb to separate small strands. On the slightly damp or dry hair. 

Step 2: Then wrap up the hair according to your convenience. Just use the rods and properly fix it up with rubber bands. This is the most sensitive part of the perm rods styling. Because curls will be created on this part.  

Step 3: Then comes the maturity stage. Just maintain it for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. But don’t need to over-optimize the time. Finally, you will be able to reverse the bends. It is time to remove the perms rods from inside your natural hair. 

Step 4: On the final stage, you will see defying curly natural hair. For the best quick result, use a hairdryer to make your hair waver faster. That way your natural hair will become so balanced and stylish.


Make bends according to your convenience. But don’t make very long hair bands with the rods. That may cause hair breakage. Also, keep away all the materials of the perm rod sets from the touch of children. 

How to Maintain Perm Rod Set Curls At Night 

In this part, we will share some easy tips for maintaining a perm rod set at night. Because of the sleeping time, we lose the real bends of curls. To avoid these problems follow the below tips.  People go for two different ways of maintaining curls at sleeping time. But you may have some different ideas to share. So, we are eagerly waiting to know your methods of keeping curls overnight. 

  • Use of head cover or cap 

To maintain your curls you may take the assistance of the headcovers. Some headcovers are specially made for this purpose only. This is a traditional method of keeping curls proper at night. But you can rather use other methods too. The main advantage of this method is its simplicity. You will get back over 95% curls even after the night.  

  • Use of headbands 

Some users are not satisfied with the simple headcover method. They want to have more secured options. Therefore, this headband method could be the preferable one for them. Just clip up the different sections of curled hairs with rubber bands. That will provide you a more satisfying result. Then use the headcover to get more protection. That is the safest option from the previous one. You can save up to 98% of curls by application of this method.  

So, you can use either way to save your curls. However, both processes do have some negatives too. So, use the convenient one for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Perm Rod Set

Question: How long does a perm rod set last on natural hair? 

Answer: Actually it depends upon the nature of your hair. Depending upon the hair texture that can last over 5-6 days also. But mostly the duration of the perm rod sets is one or a few days.  

Question: What is the perm rod set cost on natural hair? 

Answer: Well without bringing the perm rod set from the market you don’t need to have more expenses. So, it will cost you around 50 dollars. But if you take low price perm rods the price will come down somehow.  

Question: How long should I leave the perm rod on my natural hair? 

Answer: Well, you will need to keep the rods at least for 30 minutes. But don’t need to maintain the rods for over 1 hour or so. However, that time period really depends upon your hair texture. Some people say that the ideal time is 45 minutes to keep a rod on natural hair. 

Question: Are Perm rods bad for natural hair? 

Answer: Actually, perm rods are the evolution of the ancient bamboo set process. Therefore, its proven formula doesn’t have any side impacts or problems. Although you need to focus on absolute folding. Tide way of folding can cause damage to natural hair. 

Question: How to set a perm rod on afro hair? 

Answer: Some users are unable to set the perm rods on their afro natural hair. You just need to separate the hair sections by the use of a rubber band. Then bend down the hair sections properly. After completing the process, set the rods on your afro hair. It is the easiest form of setting your curly hair with perm rods. 

Question: How to set the perm rod on blown-out 4c hair? 

Answer: It is not a big deal to set perm rods on blown-out natural hair. Some people struggle because of their hairstyle. Just soften your natural hair, with the application of a leave-in conditioner. Then let the hair dry. After that, use the perm rod on your soft natural blown-out hair.


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