Dreads for Black Men

Exquisite & Exotic Dreads for Black Men [Pictures]

Dreads are born for black men. Whatever hairstyle the black men wear, the dreadlocks and dreads are the best options for the black men. In a word, the dreads make the men look like men. The dreads were worn and invented by the Indian saints years ago and used to call it ‘Jata’. The Jata was used with natural hair and the saints grow their hair to make natural dreads. However, with the passage of time, the dreads are modified and created artificially. And in today’s world, the dread is one of the most popular and trending hairstyles in the African American black community.

I hope, you are here in search of crazy dreads. Take a deep breath, you are at the right place where you will get the wild and crazy dreads for the African American men. We have managed to collect some best dreads for you. Of the 50 dreads, we have categorized them into 9 categories. And each of the categories contains 5 different examples of dreads hairstyles for the men. So, let’s start.

Long Dreads for Black Men

The first one is the long dreads hairstyles for the African American black men. The long dreads make you look taller and smarter. Moreover, long dreads can make you feel a wild feeling. Many of the men nowadays wear long dreads to have an impressing appearance. After all, the long dreads make men different from the others.

Dreads Bun

Bun hairstyles are one of the most classic hairstyles for women all over the world with different types of locks and hair. But in the present time, a large number of dark men wear the bun hairstyles. And among the bun hairstyles for the men, the dreadlocks bun or the dreads bun is most popular among the African American black men. They wear these buns regularly just like the women wear them naturally. But the effect and stun of these dreads bun can enchant anyone at any time.

Mohawk With Wild Dreads

Mohawk is a wild and crazy hairstyle like the dreads. Here we will combine the dreads with the mohawk rules. You know, Mohawk is the faded and shaved sides of the head where the rest of the head is covered with natural hair, different types of locks, and braids. Here the same rule has been applied and the residual part of the head is covered with gorgeous dreads. You will be charmed that most of the black men of African American ethnicity love the mohawk hairstyle with dreads today.

Braided Dreads

Dreads are thick enough to look like braids. But what will happen if the dreadlocks are used to make braids? It is possible and the result is super awesome. You can look at the images below to know more about the dreads braids. Here the locks are tangles with one another to make lovely braids for the black men. If you are willing to make yourself identifiable from the others you can pick these awesome hairstyles to be more manly and smarter.

Dreads Updo for Dark Men

The updo hairstyles are mainly for the summer. The dreads are basically bushy and heavy hairstyles which are really difficult to handle in the warm seasons. For that, you can make the updo hairstyles just like the women. The updo hairstyles will make you look like super sexy men. So, if it is summer, you can use this great hairstyle to get relaxing hairstyles.

Dreads Pigtails

Here is another hairstyle for the summer. And it is a ponytail hairstyle. You are already familiar with the ponytails. Nowadays the men wear the sea, my kind of ponytail hairstyles just like women. And here the ponytail will be made with the dreads. These hairstyles are easy to make and wear. But this simple hairstyle can make you look like a king. And for you, the below hairstyles are provided. Pick one and be smart.

Short Dreads

Short dreads are a great choice for African American black men. Most of the time, dark men wear short dreads. The film stars, models, and athletes also wear short dreads. These hairstyles are neat and clean. You will be able to use these hairstyles for both formal and informal purposes. The five short dreads hairstyles below are collected for you with intensive research. You can pick one and make your short dreads hairstyle.

Blonde Dreads

Well, these hairstyles are quite irregular and rare. But many of the men are using the blond dreads and their hairstyle. For you please check out the images below which contains the blonde dreads for you.

Bonus Styles for You

Yes, there are more dreads hairstyles for you. You can pick from them too.

Well, its time to finish up Now it’s your turn. Pick the best one form the hairstyles and ask your stylist to get that done for you. While selecting the hairstyles, you need to consider the price, your face shape, the taste of the people around you. And do not forget to let us know about the feedback, suggestion, experience regarding these hairstyles. Your feedback inspires us to write something new for you. The comment box is all yours, and we will be waiting for your feedback. Moreover, you can connect with us through Pinterest to get regular updates. Stay beautiful and keep beautiful

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  1. Fine dreads all, some braided and some not. Must be obvious to some but not to me. Where can one go and become processed to become a guy with a full dreaded head of hair?

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