Afro Hairstyles

Afro Hairstyles for Black Women Wild & Crazy

The history of Afro-inspired hairdos s is beyond our memory. It is thought that the Afro hairstyles are one of the classic and oldest hairdos designed and developed for the African American black community. The Afro is mainly a bushy hairstyle for black men and women. And no matter whatever newer hairdos are introduced, the Afro has held its glamour, beauty, and effect strictly till today. Moreover, the Afro hairstyle is flexible and easy to modify. You can use different types of braids, knots, colors, and hair to make a lovely hairstyle for you. And for these reasons, the for is still on high demand in the African American black society.

Afro with Bantu Knots Hairstyles

Bantu knots are small knots which are positioned scattered in different parts of the head. The Bantu knots can be used as a single hairstyle or it can be integrated with different hairdos like an Afro. In this section, we are going to present some of the Afro hairstyles with the Bantu knots. Here the knots are positioned on the sides of the head and the rest of the head is covered with a classic Afro. The images below can make you clear about the Afro and Bantu knots.

Afro-Textured Topknots for Dark Women

The knots hairstyles are also much popular with black women. The knots are usually made with braids, small buns, and locks. Sometimes, the knots may be multiple on the heads. But we are here to talk about the knots hairdos with the classic Afro. Now, look at the images below. All of the hairstyles here is Afro knots hairstyle where the knots are made with the Afro hair. And positioned on the top of the head. This is how you can make the knots hairstyles for you too. You can use these hairstyles for both formal and informal hairstyles.

Bulky Updo to Get Great Charm

Here comes another hairstyle with the same pattern as the previous one. Here the info hair is pulled upright to make updo hairstyles. The Afro hairdos are normally bushy and heavy for that during summer it will be a challenging matter for you to wear them in the summer. But you have this great option left too. Yes, you can use the updo hairstyles with the afro hair for getting a charming and enchanting hairstyle and at the same time, you will get great relax in the summer. Most of the time, black women use some accessories like hairband to make these updo hairstyles.

Mohawk and Frohawk with Afro

Are you a Mohawk lover? If yes, we have got something for you too. Here come the Mohawk hairstyles with the Afro hair. You know the rule; the shaved or faded sides are the main rule of Mohawk. And the residual part of the head is covered with the hair or locks in Mohawk. Now, try these Mohawks with the Afro hair. Trust me, you will look no less than a heavenly angel; with the Afro Mohawk hairdos. The faded sides and a curly Afro on the top of the head will make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

Crochet Braids| The Curly Excellence

The crochet braids are a recent addition to the hairstyles industry to the black people. These braids are curly, easy to use and affordable. These braids can be used to make various hairstyles like the Afro. All you have to do is to pick the length and color of the crochet braids and the rest of the job will be done by your stylist. The Afro hairdos with the crochet braids are now one of the most trending hairstyles among black women. And many of the celebrities are seen with these hairstyles recently.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Afro hairstyles are normally medium hairstyles. They are not too short or long. But you may have a deep affection for the long hairstyles. In that case, does Afro suit you? Yes, that’s why we are here. We have collected some of the long Afro hairstyles for you below. This long Afro hair will make you look like a queen in the world of beauty.

Afro: The Classic Versions

These ones are my favorite. There may be large variations of the Afro in the market in recent times, but none of them have managed to snatch the glamour and perfection of the classic Afro. When you see the images below, you may agree with me in this manner. This Afro is still used to a little extent. But if you want a gorgeous, classic and enchanting hairstyle, you must try these super awesome hairstyles.

Put Some Blonde Color

Now let’s talk about color in hairstyles. Many of you like the colorful hairstyles of different colors. But most of you must love the blonde color. For that, we have presented these five lovely blonde Afro for you. Try it, if you are gonna take part in any tour, occasion or party. These will make the others around you fall in love with the hairstyle and appearance of you.

Colorful Hairdos is Always On-Trend

these are for the residual color except for blonde. Color in hair brings color in life. So, you should try colorful hairstyles sometimes for different occasions and purposes. These Afro colorful hairdos are not formal but they will present a glamorous image of you in front of the others. So if you are thinking of a unique hairstyle in the near future, you can just wear these colorful hairstyles.

Bonus Afro Hairstyles

Well, here are more Afro-Inspired hairdos for you. We haven’t categorized them as they are of different colors, manners, and designs. But each of them is collected carefully in terms of popularity and comfortable. You can choose anyone and wear this without any hesitation.

So, what are you waiting for? pick the best one and ask your stylist to get that done for you. These classic hairdos will make you look more classy and glamorous. Once you wear the afro, you will be the ruler of the beauty world. If you have any questions you can comment in the comment box. Besides, you can follow us on Pinterest to get newer ideas of dark women hairstyles. Stay beautiful, keep beautiful. Thank you.

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