14 Cute Natural Hairstyles For Little Girls

I hope you have searched enough about the natural hairstyles for little black girls on the internet and reached here finally. And like others, we are not going to disappoint you. The little girls are the blessing from heaven and we are always craving to keep these little angels look like heavenly angels. We understand this hesitation of the parents and hereby come with this lovely 14 hairstyles you will love to choose for your cute little angels. So gets started.

  • Bantu Knots with Natural Hair

The First one is the Bantu Knots. Bantu Knots make your little girl more innocent and cute. The small knots on the various positions of the head sometimes, however, gives a look like a crown. So to give her a princess like a look you have to choose the Bantu Knots.

BantuKnots natural hairstyles for kids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Curly Extension with Headband Braids

Braids and Extensions are one of the wonderful natural hairstyles ever introduced. This hairstyle consists of braids on the front and curly extensions at the backside of the head.  Besides, The braids are wrapped by the front part of the head and the lovely curly extensions are positioned beautifully to the back-top of the head. That is why This hairstyle is one of the most used and popular hairstyles used by African American parents for their little kids.

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Braids and Extension
Image Source: Pinterest
  • An Updo with Afro Style is What She Need

This super cool hairstyle is slightly similar to the previous one. But it is much more different than that. This is an afro inspired hairstyle for your little black girls. This is basically an updo hairstyle designed for the kids especially. Here, the curls are pulled up straight and a huge curly bun is made on the top of the head. This cute hairstyle is one of the must-do hairstyles for the African American little kids.

Afro Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Colorful Beads for the Braided Angels

Braids and beads are the two most important elements of hairstyle for both kids and grownups. As we are discussing the natural hairstyles for the little girls, we will present the beaded beads hairstyle for the kids. Now, look at the lovely cute girl in the picture. Her head is decorated with lovely tiny braids by the round of her head and some beautifully colored beads are positioned randomly on the head. How nice is this hairstyle?

Braids and Beads
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Accessorize Her Puffy Braids

Puffy Braids are becoming more and more popular among African American people. These braids are usually decorated with lovely golden beads on every section of the braids. Besides, This braiding hairstyle gives your kid a lovely and innocent look and makes your kid more beautiful and smart.

Puffy Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Twists, Highlights, and Braids for Increasing Cuteness

We have previously discussed the braids and the beads for the kids. This hairstyle is also about braids and beads. But the difference is the braiding styling. Here the braids are twisted braids with blonde highlights. These highlighted twisted braids are one of the most demandable braiding hairstyles for the African American people. And the pink-colored round beads are the magnetic part of this hairstyle which is placed in a well-planned manner.

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Twisted Braids with Beads
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Crochet Braids for Adorable Kids

If anyone asks me what are my most favorite hairstyles. The answer will be crochet braids. These braiding hairstyles are one of the top used hairstyles across the whole world. And these beautiful braids works greatly on the black little girls. Look at the picture and try to understand the limitless beauty of this super cool hairstyle.

Crochet Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Pixie Braids: the Kids Perspective

I think I do not need to say anything about this hairstyle. How your kid looks matters. This little angel is looking so innocent and lovely with these thin box braids which are also a colored one. When you are hesitating about the hairstyle of your girl try this one for her. She will look like a princess.

Thin braids natural hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

Braided hairstyles cannot be ignored while we are talking about the natural hairstyles for the black little girls. Box braids are suitable for both the adults and the kids. Try thick natural colored box braiding hairstyle for her to give her a sharp look as well an adorable look.


  • French Braided  Natural Bun Hairstyles for Little Girls

In the world of natural hairstyles, French braids, bun, cornrows, and beads are many popular and common names used by the hairstylists. In this hairstyle, these four elements are combined beautifully. The cornrows have produced thick and lovely French braids and these braids are decorated with beautiful beads and pulled up into a lovely bun. How beautiful and lovely this hairstyle is!

French Braided Bun
Image Source: Pinterest
  • French Braided Ponytail

Well, this one is more or less similar to the previous hairstyle we have discussed. The braids, the cornrows, the beads, the updo all are the same except the bun and ponytails. In the previous hairstyle, we presented it as a bun and updo hairstyle but here we are presenting the same hairstyle like a ponytail hairstyle. You yourself will understand that the effect of this slight difference.

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French Braided Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Cute Braided Hairstyles for Dark Kids

This one is a picture of a viral zigzag box braiding hairstyle for the kids. If you love it, apply it to her. You do not need to be concerned about the beauty and effects of it.

Cute and Gorgeous
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Cornrows and Headband Braids

All of you African American people greatly know about these cornrows hairstyles and their diversity. Anyone with any age range can wear this awesome hairstyle. Try this awesome hairstyle for your kids too to have a greater look and beauty.

Cornrows natural hairstyles for the little girls
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Knots, Micro Braids, and Curls

Now come for the last one. The designer of this hairstyle has combined with the braids, Bantu knots, and the curls. All these elements have made this hairstyle cute and adorable. To give your kid an adorable look you are to do this for her.

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, these are the best natural hairstyles for little girls that have come out of our research. Do not forget to let us know about your experience and suggestion regarding this article. We will look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, you can follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to get regular updates.

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