46 Ways to Wear Nicki Minaj Hairstyles

The glamorous rap star, famous singer, model, and songwriter Nicki Minaj always has been the talk of the town for her iconic look, especially hairstyles. She is not only a talented singer but also a vibrant fashion idol. She has experienced and experimented with so many hairstyles and gave us a hairstyles goal. But she is very much concerned about her healthy hair. Rather than using chemicals and colors, she prefers to wear hair wigs and extensions. Take a look at these 46 amazing Nicki Minaj hairstyles.

Top 46 Nicki Minaj Hairstyles

High Top Bun with Long Color Hair:

Nicki Minaj is looking stunning with this top bun with a long wavy hair look. Subtle honey highlights are looking incredible on her complexion. This hairstyle is super easy to do and maintain. This Nicki Minaj hairstyle is so beautiful that anyone can easily carry it.

Blonde Bang:

Nicki Minaj is very popular for her enchanting bangs. We can often see her wearing bangs with different kinds of hairstyles. Her white-blonde bangs with long straight hair are one of the memorable hairstyles. It is not hard to carry and will suit anyone very well. If you adore blonde hairs and bangs try this hairstyle without delaying.

Deep Blonde Clear Bang:

We already know that Nicki Minaj is an admirer of different kinds of bangs. Here is another bang’s style of her. This look is giving a cute girl vibe with cat eyes. The black color is making a great bond the blonde and making this look more majestic.

Cute Two Bun:

Two buns always give an innocent girly look. It softens your face and makes you look younger. If you are so bored with adulthood and wanna go out of the box for a one day try this look as Nicki does here.

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Red Color Bob:

Spice up your bob with red color. Red always adds a spiritual bold look to the hairstyles. This hairstyle also is not an exception. Nicki Minaj is giving a total boss mood with this style.

Long High Half Ponytail:

Isn’t this hairstyle is simply looking gorgeous on Nicki? This is an effortless hairstyle with a high half ponytail that is enough to make anyone beautiful.

Pink Color Blunt Bob with Bang:

Don’t want to damage hair by over coloring and still want to look sassy like Nicki? Try her secret. You can wear this same look without damaging and breaking hair. Simply wear a pink bob wig the way Nicki does here and rock your dream concert.

Color Ponytail with Bang:

This ponytail hairstyle is so beautiful with a twist of braids. Nicki’s hairstylist does not just put a hair wig on her s/he makes an extra effort to make it look unique. This purple to blue ombre wig is already pretty enough, but this bang and braids with a high ponytail will grab anyone’s attention.


Unique Two Parted Ponytail:

The ponytail is one of the easiest and trendy hairstyles. It is a simple style but still can be worn uniquely. Part your ponytail in the middle slightly curls your hair to have a sexy wavy look like Nicki Minaj.

Black Hair Top Bun with Bang:

Asian-inspired bangs with a high bun is a great combination. This is very cozy and easy to wear look. This could be one of the simplest looks that wild Nicki would wear.

Nicki Minaj Mixed Color Unique Hairstyle:

Color your hair but in a very different way. It is not a common hairstyle that anyone would wear. But Nicki is brave enough to rock it and always gets praise for her unique styles. You can also try some new styles by coloring your blonde hair in this way.

Lovely Braided Bun:

Who doesn’t love braided buns? This is very easy and not at all time consuming yet an elegant hairstyle. Nicki doesn’t go crazy this time with her hairstyle but still make us go Wow!

Green Color Bob Haircut:

Try this neon-green color bob wig without damaging your natural hair. This is not an everyday hairstyle for every woman but you can definitely wear it occasionally and get noticed by everyone.

Pink Color Long Hair Bang:

It is a pretty pink wig that will look good on anyone. Nicki Minaj does not forget her signature bang. You can also try different types of wigs.

Chin Length Bob with Bang:

Want a short but don’t wanna chop your natural precious hair? Then wigs can be your choices. Try short wigs like Nicki. You can choose your favorite length and colors.

Extra Long Pink Hair:

We can’t grow our hair overnight but still wishing for long hair. If you want to have an extra-long hair then go for wigs. With hair wigs, you can have different styles everyday.

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Purple Blue Mixed Color Hair:

This is a medium length hairstyle. Purple and blue are making a great combination. The wet vibe of this style is adding extra gorgeousness.

Long Ponytail on the Top:

If unicorns had colorful hair, this is. This is a great blend of pastel colors. Nicki’s top ponytail reminds us of a unicorn’s horn.

Braided Bun on Natural Hair:

This is a giant ball of hair with a perfect shade of blonde. Nicki is looking like a living doll in this look. you can easily achieve this style.

nicki minaj natural hair

Fire Orange Color Long Hair:

From soft pastel pink to dark orange these colors are making a great ombre. This hairstyle is going very well with this colorful outfit. You can also wear it like Nicki.

Soft-Pink Curls:

It is a full pink pastel with a soft blonde. Nicki wears that style with delicate waves. She is looking like a fashion freak Barbie.


Long Blonde Curls:

Nicki is stealing the show with her minimal makeup and spectacular curls. She is not damaging her real hair with heat. You can also wear a wig and curl it up.

Blue-Pink Combo:

Try multi-colored wigs like Nicki. Combine two colors like blue and pink and you will get this unforgettable style. If you want to experiment with bright colors, this is the way to go.

Colorful Up-do:

Not an everyday look but Nicki can pull this off anytime. Blonde, bright yellow, and hot pink are creating a nice up-do. This is something crazy and out of the world.

Get Blues with Nicki:

Try this completely different and unforgettable style. This look has both straight and curly style with Nicki’s signature blunt bang. You can try this out for any special costume party.

Blonde Bob:

This short bob cut with blonde is making Nicki simply gorgeous. It is hard to find Nicki with a very simple cut and subtle color. This definitely suits her best.

Source: Pinterest

Fierce Red Bob:

This is what Nicki Minaj does. Nicki is well known for popping vibrant colors. Red sunglass and red lips are complimenting her red hair.


Source: Pinterest

Wet Purplish Blue:

This gradient from purple to blue is so well blended. The wet vibe of the hair is adding extra saucy look. Cateyes with nude lips making this hairstyle breathtaking.

Source: Pinterest

Too Long and Silky:

Nicki is carrying straight silky long hair so elegantly. It is good for this star to give some rest to her hair from chemicals and colors and still look amazingly beautiful.

Source: Pinterest

Half Blue Half Blonde :

Rocking this look is only possible for Nicki. Once you see this half blue half blonde look it will be really hard to forget. You don’t have to worry about hair damage. Simply put various wigs like Nicki.

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Source: Pinterest

Barbie Pink:

Nicki is looking definitely at a barbie with this pink wig. This full pastel pink hair with matching lips and nails suit with her white dress.

Source: Pinterest

Pretty in Rainbow:

It is a rainbow wig but still very subtle not much vibrating. Chinese bangs with this wig are making the look strangely amazing.

Source: Pinterest

Pastel Blue:

Nicki Minaj always rocks a different kind of wigs. This trick is rescuing her from hair damages a lot. This sweet pastel blue wig is creating a cloudy day feel.

Top Bun:

Nicki is looking gorgeous with this top bun with an elegant black lace dress. It is better to get rid of wigs and embrace natural hair sometimes.

Source Pinterest

Flower Queen:

The flower is one of the ancient hair accessories. This kind of flower tiara always makes any look very natural and innocent. Nicki looks a beautiful flower queen with this tiara.

Source: Pinterest

Nicki Minaj’s Blonde Ponytail:

Ponytails are always an easy-to-go hairstyle for any girls, and we guess for Nicki’s too. This simple blonde high ponytail is complementing her skin color very well.

Source: Pinterest

Short Wavy Bob:

If you are bored with your short bob you can spice it up with a little bit of wavy curl like Nicki Minaj. This look is very simple and neat yet gorgeous.

Cornrow Braids:

Cornrow is a traditional African hairstyle. It is very popular among African women and men. Nowadays the whole world is crazy about this hairstyle. Nicki looks stunning with cornrows.

Source: Pinterest

Grey Gradient:

This grey gradient hair is giving a space look. The subtle curls are adding elegance to her total makeover.

Source: Pinterest

 Nicki Minaj Hairstyles with Bangs:

Nicki Minaj undoubtedly queen of wigs. Look how she makes the boring black wig interesting with two pink hair extensions. This kind of bangs is very common in her style.

Maggie Curl:

I know you are missing your chopsticks after seeing Nicki in this maggie curls. The black part is making blonde curls excellent.

Source: Pinterest

Blue and Pink Pastel:

I personally want to try this style someday. It’s one of my favorites. Look, she is definitely a furious yet cute unicorn. And I love the way she pinned up her front hairs. Love it!

Source: Pinterest

Leopard Printed Hair:

It is obviously not our everyday style. This leopard printed hair is not something we see in our daily life fashion or even in the exotic fashion industry. Only Nicki can match hair with her outfit’s print.

Source: Pinterest

 Nicki Minaj Hairstyles Orange Short Cut:

Okay, I am so in love with this shade of orange. This color is popping out so nicely. The length of this hair and 70’s curly style is still iconic in the present century.


Source: Pinterest

Yellow Pink Combo:

This wild, careless curl go with Nicki’s bad girl personality very accurately. Bright yellow and soft pink are creating a great combination.

Source: Pinterest

Short Wet Blonde:

I save it for last. I know there is no drama in this look, but, just see how fantastic she is looking in wet short blonde hair. And this dark red lips, she is a bomb!

Nicki Minaj Hairstyles
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Nicki has achieved limitless popularity for her gorgeous and memorable hairstyles. People are not only fans of her music but also her fashion. Her choices of hairstyles are always different than others. She is always a topic for her styles. It’s also easy to achieve these styles by using wigs and hair extensions. Nicki Minaj proves that hairstyle is always not about looking good, it is a fun thing to do. You just have to be brave like her to pull these looks off.

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